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We are proud to offer the Malarkey line of asphalt shingles.  As Certified Malarkey Residential Contractors, we can offer upgraded warranties!  We believe that Malarkey asphalt shingles are some of the finest on the market.  Featuring advances polymers in their asphalt to increase strength and durability, and even smog reducing granules, to name just a few!  They are also a company that focuses on sustainability during the manufacturing process, another reason they are a great company!

When we at Gold Standard talk about metal roofs, we are talking about Stone Coated Steel!  Roofs with stone coated steel shingles are more aesthetically pleasing since they look more like a traditional roof, and much more durable since they are coated with granules like an asphalt roof.  There are numerous advantages to stone coated steel roofing.  From lower energy and home insurance costs, to increased curb appeal and home value!