Malarkey Asphalt Shingles

Highlander Shingle Line

The Highlander shingle is Malarkey’s base level of the typical 25 year architectural shingle.  Offering an algae resistance warranty (the black streaks on roofs) for 10 years.  Even as their lowest cost option, it is still a very high quality shingle that features their NEX Polymer Modified Asphalt technology and smog reducing granules.

Vista Shingle Line

The Vista shingle is the next step up in the Malarkey line of architectural shingles.  In addition to what the Highlander shingle offers, the Vista shingles offer an even better 12 year algae resistance warranty, and also have a Class 3 impact rating!  

Legacy Shingle Line

The Legacy line is Malarkey’s 50 year architectural shingle.  Featuring 3M Scotchgard technology in their granules that have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against those algae stains.  The Legacy shingles have a Class 4 impact rating, which can help lower your home owners insurance!