Metal Roofing with Stone Coated Steel Shingles

Metal roofs are becoming more common than ever before for numerous reasons.  The main reason we see is based on the durability of the product.  There is not a standard asphalt shingle that can stand up to the durability of a stone coated steel shingle.  Although a 50 year asphalt shingle can come close to that level of durability, it falls short in matching the additional energy efficiency provided by a metal roofing system.  The main concern of metal roofs is the upfront cost in comparison to traditional asphalt roofs. However, if you were to build a new home, or just bought the home you hope to spend the rest of your life in, why put on a roof that will hopefully only last up to 30 years?  That is 30 years of higher energy costs as opposed to having a metal roof system from the start.  That is 30 years of higher home insurance costs for having a lower rated, less durable roof.  And at the end of that original roofs life, that is a large bill to pay for a whole new roof.  A metal roof may not be in every homeowners budget or style, but for those who are looking for a metal roof, we would recommend a stone coated steel as opposed to a standing seam metal roof.