Malarkey Roofing

As a Certified Residential Contractor, we ensure that every roof is installed according to the manufacturers specifications. What does that mean for the homeowner? Peace of mind, that your investment in a new roof will be covered by its warranty, and last throughout its expected life cycle. Did we mention that we can offer an extended warranty? Contact us to find out more!

The Malarkey roofing products offer some amazing benefits. To the homeowners, contractors, and the environment. Manufactured in a way that that helps to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air and materials in the landfill. They are a company that is doing their part in global sustainability. Contact us to find out how you can do your part also!

The Malarkey line of roofing products offers superior protection from severe weather, featuring a Class 3 Impact rating for their Vista line of asphalt shingles, and a Class 4 Impact rating for their Legacy line of asphalt shingles (which could save you money on your insurance premium). Just one of many benefits from their excellent line of products!