Feeling the Heat. Why Metal Roofing Improves Energy Efficiency

There are many benefits to a stone coated metal roof, and a few misconceptions to sort out. But first, lets look at the benefits that a metal roof can provide for your home. The first, and probably most referenced benefit, is the increase to energy efficiency. You may have heard that one before, but lets get a better understanding of where these benefits come from. The first, is an inherent benefit of the material itself. Metal is naturally more reflective of the sun’s heat that is constantly beating down on a roof during the warmer months, as opposed to asphalt shingles. The metal, and to some extent the granules that coat the panels, reflect the suns rays so that the heat is not transferred through the roofing panels, through the decking, and into the attic space. Second, and more beneficially, the metal roofing panels have an air space underneath them and between the roofs deck. This air space acts as another layer of insulation, preventing the summer heat from penetrating directly into the home.

There is one common misconception that I’ve read many times about metal roofs and have been asked about. That is the myth that metal roofs are noisier than their asphalt counterparts. When it comes to stone coated metal roofs, this simply isn’t true. That air space mentioned above also keeps the home more quite during a rainstorm. We have been told by numerous homeowners, that since their metal roof has been installed, they don’t hear the rain pounding on their roofs. They don’t even notice it is raining outside until they look out the window or step outside and feel the raindrops! The other misconception is that of price. Yes, the upfront cost of a stone coated metal roof is more. However, when you consider the savings on utility bills, insurance premiums being lowered thanks to a higher rated, more durable roof, and the cost of having to replace an asphalt roof 1-2 times before a stone coated metal roof would have to be replaced, a homeowner would be wise to spend a little more now to save a lot in the long run!

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