Gold Standard Home Improvement

A Higher Standard for Your Home

Asphalt Roofing

Certified Malarkey Roofing Contractors, offering a line of superior asphalt shingles and warranties

Stone Coated steel roofing

Stone Coated Steel roofs offer superior protection from the elements, and superior energy savings vs. asphalt roofs.


Upgrading your homes siding will update the look of your home, and can improve a homes energy efficiency

Windows and Doors

Upgrading old windows can drastically improve a homes energy efficiency

Going green is the new Gold Standard

By choosing a company that uses the highest quality materials and installation practices, your home can become more energy efficient than ever.  Upgrading to a steel roof, LP Smartsiding, or insulated vinyl siding can cut your heating and cooling costs; saving you money and reducing your homes carbon footprint in the long run!

our vision

Our vision is simple, to not only improve the look of your home, but to improve the energy efficiency as well.  We strive to reduce landfill waste from construction materials as well.  In addition to lower energy costs, a new steel roof can reduce landfill waste by being installed over the old asphalt shingles. 

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